aureum medium (Latin)

golden mean

The software engineering consultancy of Reed G. Law

Function Length

How long should a function be? As with many style considerations in software development, there are conflicting opinions. Some argue that functions should be allowed to grow while others believe functions should be extracted until no conceptual overhead remains. John Carmack and Steve McConnell represent the first camp while Martin Fowler and Robert C. Martin belong to the latter. John Carmack’s argument for inlining is pragmatic and related to the kinds of programming he does (games and flight software)....

The Golden Mean

Aristotle conceived of virtue as a balance between two extremes. For example, the virtue of generosity is defined as the correct balance between wastefulness and stinginess. Courage is a balance between confidence and fear. Phronesis, or practical wisdom, involves knowing how to apply the virtues in specific contexts. Phronesis and the virtues of character are connected in such a way that one cannot possess any developed virtues without possessing all the others....